Question mobo/ cpu question

Jan 1, 2021
hey guys

new to the hobby of building and just really starting to have fun with PC building and such.
Running a somewhat pre built ibuypower with some mods so here we go !
Intel i5-8400 cpu at 2.8 ghz 6 core
asus 360 plus gaming tug gaming Mobo
32 (4x8) 3200 corsair pro DDR4 new
new corsair 650 watt power supply
New 3070 rtx invidia card
corsair h100 cpu cooler
6 fans in case (getting crowded) had to front mount cooler (tubes on top obviously)
running new AW3420 DW 34inch wide monitor just sold my msi because the g sync cap feature didnt work so i want with native g sync monitor.

so for most part im somewhat satisfied with my performance (FPS shooters, nascar 5, racing, minor graphic design work , 3d home building software) and terrorizing my little brother and friends on games P)

but i feel like from what i see and know that its maybe seeming like my cpu/mobo might be bottling necking ever so slightly
so im ready to upgrade to newer mobo/cpu combo without going crazy on liquid cooling huge setup etc. id like to just buy a new case and transition everything over

So here is where im at and i would appreciate any input!!!
i think i want to stay in the 1151 socket of Mobos' and id like to stay in the 600 $ ish for mobo/cpu combo.
my current tuf gaming mobo has been solid (i think, but hell i dont know the difference) lol
im not so savy with bios updates etc.
so i was thinking of looking into the i7 9700k something that can easily OC with click of button to 5hz speed? or should i consider i9 9900k? ive heard of cooling issues with these?
and something along lines of msi z390 godlike, asus prime z390-A? in white
tuf z390 plus gaming wifi ( i have hardline ethernet so i dont technically need wifi.)

obviously ive read wayyy too many reviews and with most you get the good and bad, so im looking for simple if possible

I feel that with a better cpu,mobo setup i think some of what im noticing on games etc might go away from what im understanding it might be ever so slightly bottlenecking.
I need bluetooth though. and decent usb connection amount.

I am currently on the hunt for a 3080 also so if that might change what your opinion is id be more than open to hearing it!!
thanks so much guys and ive been following threads and it seems like this forum is full of amazing people willing to help!!
Im not necessarily looking to future proof my system rather just be able to fully enjoy what my system in my opinion should be capable of but with this graphics card i think i need upgrading!
Jan 1, 2021
minor screen tearing. and the rendering on heavy scenes seems to not be "smooth" all the time. instead of fluid motion on some areas it will almost like pause for a milisecond if that makes any sense lol
Sorry again im not the most privy to alot of descriptions