Question Modem router

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Oct 11, 2017
You will need a new modem if you want to get your advertised speeds from your ISP. A DOCSIS 3.0 device will cap out at 1.4 gb/s. It's better to get a DOCSIS 3.1 device for speeds over 1 gb/s. Your ISP should have a list of modems that would achieve this or provide one for purchase/rent.

Simply replacing the router won't do anything for internet speeds.
Personally, I use an Arris Surfboard SB8200 and a separate router.
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It is but it caps at 856 mbps. I pay for 1000, can i buy a router that is connected to the modem and get full speeds whem i connect an ethernet cord to the router.
What is that application you have which relies on your Internet providing full 1000mbps, and not "just" 856mbps? Or you live with that mantra "lets download the whole Internet, until it lasts"?
Even if you're paying for 1Gbps, you are getting "up to 1Gbps". Again - what is that application which needs full 1Gbps, and not "miserable" 15% less?
I know it is "up to" 1Gbps, but in this case the person said they were only getting 700Mbps. What application needs 1Gbps, maybe they are hosting a dedicated game server. More bandwidth always helps with that. Could be the connection is shared amongst 20 people.
So could i buy a router to get max speeds on ethernet or should i buy a new modem router combo to get full speeds? (modem router is expensive)
This has been answered a hundred times, the MODEM part of your modem/router governs the speed out to the internet, the other ports on the back of the unit are 10/1000 ports (1Gbe) anything connected to these ports will have a maximum speed of 1Gbe.......anything connected to those ports routing out to the internet is restricted by the WAN port (modem) in your case 700Mbps