Question Monitor Asus Swift PG278QR - Thin horizontal lines problem

May 12, 2022
I have an Asus Swift PG278QR monitor.

It was working fine, until more than a month ago it started to present a problem.
It is somewhat difficult to explain and even to take a photo or video of it, but I will explain it as best as possible:

It has very thin lines (of less than 0.5mm) of a semi-transparent tone, across the entire bottom quarter of the screen, which at some frequencies (60 to 144Hz) caused the image to flicker slightly. A few days later, this symptom disappeared and the monitor kept working as it should.

But a few days ago the same symptom returned, but this time worse, since now it covers 3 quarters of the screen from bottom to top, and the slight flickering at certain frequencies also happens. I will attach a photo to try to show the problem.

* What I’ve checked so far:

- The Power Adapter (

- The D-Port cable.

- The HDMI cable.

- I have plugged it into other wall outlets.

- I have connected it to other PCs.

- Activation and deactivation of G-Sync.

- Tested on different resolutions.

-- In all of these cases it makes the same symptom.

** Did not open the monitor.

What do you think about it? I appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. Photo of the problem posted on Imgur: View:
May 12, 2022
Yeah the panel looks damaged.....

Uf, that's bad news.

I've read in different sites on the internet about problems with the panel of this monitor.

Well, then I imagine the solution is to change the panel? Although I suppose it must be difficult because it should be one that meets the requirements of the Monitor. Isn't it?

(By the way, thank you for your answer)