Monitor Display Trouble


Aug 27, 2009
A brief history of this monitor:

I've had it since I purchased this PC about 5 years ago and haven't ever had any issues with it. Recently (about a month ago) a friend knocked the monitor off of my desk on accident. Besides having popped the front frame off and dislocating the card with the on/off button from it's bracket (the card is still plugged in and responds), it worked the same as it always has. Until about a week ago. After restarting my computer one day the monitor stopped working properly.

What it does: Upon restarting my machine the monitor displays briefly (it displays the desktop, icons, ect. and I am able to interact with it) but after about 5 or 10 seconds it simply goes black. It doesn't display "no signal" or turn off, it's just on but displaying nothing. So the monitor CAN display (as is shown for the first few moments upon startup) and I am able to interact with it via buttons and the GUI.

What i've tried: I've checked my GPU connectors (to the motherboard, and to the monitor) and it's fine. Other monitors display just fine.

My guess is that something was knocked loose and only just recently became so loose that it actually impacted it displaying properly.

I'm willing to open the thing up as it's well past warranty and I've got a replacement, but I was hoping the Tom's Hardware community might have some better insight to what the problem could be and what to look for inside of the monitor.

Thanks for taking the time to read my issue,

As the problem does not seem to be software or related to other hardware components, I've neglected to include my computer information, but am willing to provide it upon request