Question Monitor doesn't work but everything else does

Mar 14, 2020
I was just watching YouTube and decided to adjust my monitor higher since you can do that with my monitor. It took some force to pull up like it was stuck but when I finally pulled it up the monitor went dark and even the LED lights that glow when you turn it on are off. I could still use my keyboard to press space and pause the video. I decided to turn it off and back on and my monitor is unresponsive. The mouse light and keyboard looked to be working and so did the CPU. The monitor beep coded but I forgot how many beeps it was so I restarted my PC by clicking the button on the CPU. When it came on there were no beeps anymore and every time I restarted it no more beeps from then on. Please someone help me. It's a CyberPowerPC keyboard, Logitech mouse, cyberpower cpu, and an HP monitor 25x, 144hz, 1 ms response, from BestBuy.