Question Monitor issue after last Windows Update

Jan 6, 2020

After last month update on windows i got a weird issue if i can call it that way :

Everytime i start my pc , i got 2 monitors , Monitor 1 that is set on Windows opens , Monitor 2 that also opens when the Windows 10 Loading screen appears , but when the windows loads and gets me to my home page the 2nd Monitors goes on stand by and wont open , but if i Restart my pc , the 2nd Monitor will work normally.

This happens every start of my pc since the latest Windows update , the boot shows on 2nd Monitors so the monitor is working not broken and if i restart the pc 2nd Monitor will work normally , so only on start up the 2nd monitor wont work.
Is there any fix for this or is an issue regarding the Windows update ?

Thank you.