Question Monitor loses signal, GPU fan runs at 100%

Mar 6, 2019
After purchasing this custom build pc after 2 months, I have experienced a sudden black screen where the monitor loses signal while the GPU fan seems to be running at its fastest. However, I am still able to speak to my friends on discord with the black screen. The only solution was for me to hard restart the pc. This seems to occur when I play certain more graphic intensive games, however, the temperature of the GPU is not too hot but in a healthy range. This occurs rather frequently when I am gaming and it is frustrating.
I've made sure that the 8+2pin is secure and have reconnected some wires but this issue still arises. I hope somebody can help me here as it is a relatively new pc and I hope it can run it's best.

PC Build:
Intel i5-8400
Asrock B360 PRO4 LGA1151 Atx Mbd
KlevvBolt 16Gb DDR4-2400 Mhz
Sandisk 1TB SSD
Thermaltake 730W SmartSE Psu
Zotac RTX 2070 Mini 8GB
Windows 10