Question Monitor Noob - - - - Need Help Choosing Dual Monitor Setup For My Dad ?


Jan 10, 2016
Exactly what the title says. My dad just needs two 1920x1080 27" monitors for simply surfing the web, trading stocks and watching videos like youtube. He doesn't game. He's in Canada.

It's always sort of against my morals to get the cheapest price always usually because the product is crappier than something you pay slightly more for and this is where I'm mixed.

Basically have it down to Costco, Staples or and the deal on the ones at costco I saw in person and they looked kinda blurry (crappy looking) in person and I'm not sure if it's just me but I really don't want to buy monitors that aren't sharp looking for him and also the reviews are kinda bad on the costco website on those ones.

Costco has a great buy of LG 27MP41D-B2 27 in. FHD IPS FreeSync Monitor, 2-pack for $369.99 (~$185 each) (have to be member to see price):

Staples has this ASUS 27" IPS Frameless Monitor with AMD FreeSync Technology - VA27EHEY $199 I'd almost rather get this ASUS because I've owned 2 and have had great experience with them :

PC Part Picker ( LG 27BK430H-B 27.0" $179.99 :

Let me know what you would pick out of these monitors for my dad's needs thanks.
Amazon has the VA27EHEY on sale for $154. Also has very good reviews, It comes with eye care settings. The only negative I can see are the menu buttons are on the rear of the monitor if that matters. As you stated ASUS is a reputable manufacturer and an ips panel is great for watching videos. IMHO.
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