Question Monitor switch ?


Mar 29, 2021
So ever since I got this monitor, I've had constant performance issues and a super hot GPU. The one I have is a
1ms Response time.
Before I got it, I didn't know that 1440p and above would use more power than 1080p. My specs are
11th gen I9
32gb 4000mhz RAM
AMD 6950XT 16gb

I'm thinking of switching back to 1080p, but I like the high res and the fast refresh rate, but not the dramatic performance hit and increased power use. I used the dads 1080p monitor and had zero issues with performance. What I also want to know is what part of the monitor has the performance drain. The resolution, refresh rate or response time. I really shouldn't be having performance issues on games like Garry's Mod or Stormworks, or any game that isn't resource intensive. What would be the best monitor if your opinions.


Reso and FPS are the two main impacts on your GPU.

1920x1080=2.073.600 pixels
2160x1440=3.110.400 pixels

Refresh rate = FPS. Since refresh rate tells how many times, per second, monitor refreshes. Measured in Hz (Hertz). And since game performance is measured in FPS (Frames Per Second), we get to conclusion that FPS = Refresh Rate.
Now, FPS can be higher than monitor's refresh rate, e.g 300, 500 or more, but this means that all other frames rendered by GPU, aren't displayed on monitor, since monitors are usually capable of 165 or 144 Hz. Older monitors are 120/100/75/60 Hz.

E.g, with 100 FPS, your GPU at;
1080p, has to provide 207.360.000 pixels, every second.
1440p, has to provide 311.040.000 pixels, every second.

With 120 FPS, it would be:
1080p - 248.832.000 pixels per second
1440p - 373.248.000 pixels per second

With 165 FPS, it would be;
1080p - 342.144.000 pixels per second
1440p - 513.216.000 pixels per second

With 60 FPS, it would be:
1080p - 124.416.000 pixels per second
1440p - 186.624.000 pixels per second

So, either cap the FPS that your GPU produces, OR set the monitor resolution to 1920x1080. Your 1440p monitor should be able to produce 1080p without issues. FPS wise, 60 is good, 120 is better, 144 is usual sweetspot (depending on a game).