Question Monitors randomly lose signal while gaming ?

Aug 27, 2022
As the title suggest my monitors (I have a dual monitor setup) sometimes lose signal while I am playing a game. This happens every 15-30 minutes of me being within a game. I could still hear audio but there are no signal to my monitors so I assume it's something related to my graphics card ?
The temperature when gaming is around 70-82 degrees.

My specs are the following:
MSI RTX3070 Ventus 2x OC
Intel i7-11700F
Corsair CV650 PSU
32GB of RAM

My monitors are:
E-DRA EGM32KF2ER 32inch (Main monitor, 144hz, 2560x1440, DP)
ViewSonic VX2476 Series 24inch (Second monitor, 60hz, 1920x1080, HDMI)

The methods I've tried to fix it:
  • Setting the power management mode in nvidia to high performance
  • Reinstalling the drivers
Sounds like you may be getting temperature throttling on your gpu. Try using MSI afterburner and adjust the fan curve to a more aggressive fan cooling curve. I like to match my fan speed percentage to the temperature in celsius up to 75c. I.E. 50c 50% fan, 60c 60% fan etc. You can find what works for you if the gpu is in fact overheating a bit. I would try to keep it at 70c if possible. See if that helps at all. If not, it may be your psu is not keeping pace to the power draw from the gpu. You can also try setting windows power performance to high performance.