Nov 24, 2004
so it takes me so long to build my pc buying parts piece by piece. After a month i got it all together and made my pc, worked nicely but needed more upgrades. I buy better cpu fan so i can overclock. i buy bigger hd (400 gb) for vista os, 2 winxp os(1 for programming and the other for dx9 games, i only like vista for dx10), and ubuntu (am slowely converting to linux [my xp modem wasnt connecting to the internet and Microsoft help told me connect to the internet to solve this problem]). and x-fi sound card. so i install all the things and i made a mistake and put the cpu fan out-take is pointing to the graphics card so i gotta take out the motherboard by unscrewing the 9 screws. when i fix the direction of the cpu fan im too lazy to screw the 9 screw to motherboard attaching it to the case so i only put 3 screws in (i mean it only stops the motherboard from moving, right?) When i turn on the comp the cpu fan has a nice blue glow and seconds a stream of fire comes out of the chips above the cpu in the board so i turn the power off and go to research this disaster on my laptop. I find out that the screws are also used to ground the mobos preventing short now i know i did something wrong, which the dumb mobos guide didnt tell me 2 ground the board with the 9 i tried the pc on a grounded mobos and both times when i turn it on, small fires come from the chips above the cpu. so what i want 2 know is that what kind of trouble am in; is the mobos completely dead? will the warranty cover me? did the screws get me screwed? well their is some good news, its the first time i was building a pc and next time i will know what the mobos screws do.This is one of those things mobos manufactures should say in bold red letters GROUND MOBOS WITH ALL SCREWS!! first time using forums on tomshardware dont even know if im doing it correctly, thank u.

my pc: e6750 (stock), xfx 650i ultra, xfx 8600gts, 2 gb corsair 5-5-5-15, 40gb + 400gb hd, 500w cooler master psu


Sep 23, 2007
Sorry, man, but I agree. If you're still getting flames... I'd replace the puppy so that you don't fry the rest of your rig. This is one of those major DOH! moments.