Question Motherboard showing "VGA" LED with GTX 980 Ti ?

Mar 14, 2023
I've got a doosy. My friend gave me a Corsair Custom built computer (its old, yes). X79 Sabertooth. i7-3930k. I put a new 750 PSU in it. M4 SSD with unactivated Windows 10. 16G of Vengence RAM. The computer has always used the 980 until it stopped working. My friend bought a new computer and it sat around til this year. He assumed it was SSD faulty, but wanted to upgrade. I reformatted SSD and installed windows 10. I fire it up, and can't get past the VGA LED on boot. So I pull the 980 and stick in a 1030, no problem. I take 980 to local shop, they say it plugged in and ran fine. I have latest BIOS. I've tried latest drivers. I uninstalled the 1030 to Microsoft basic display, reinserted 980, and still couldnt get it to send a display thru the card, still stuck on VGA LED. I've tried two sets of cables. ive tried top slot and second slot (Third slot wont work as the gpu is too big and hits cables). Ive scoured these forums and tried everything that has been mentioned (even the wacky stuff). I'm computer literate, but not a master(atm/smartsafe/home tinkerer technician). I can't think of anything else to help narrow down the responses....So, what's the fix that i've missed? Thanks ahead of time! Jason