Question Motherboard shows EZ-DEBUG CPU white LED ?


Jul 27, 2015

So I recently upgraded my CPU, Mobo, Case, and Ram from my old system. The plan was to let my friend of mine who is starting to get into pc gaming use my old parts so I finished building my new rig and then built his. I reused my old case, CPU, CPU Cooler, and Ram (All this was already installed on the old case as I was using it up until 2 days ago,). I put in my old 980 GPU and my old Corsair RMX650 and his SSD and go to test the system and I get stuck on a solid white CPU LED. The ram RGB lights up, all the fans spin, but the PC wont go past this CPU LED. The system won't shut off either until I hold down the power button. I know none of these parts are faulty as I was just playing Forza 5 on them 2 days ago. I have tried just about everything I have read and have no idea what the issue could be at this point

List of troubleshooting:

  • Reslotted CPU (3/4 times)
  • Reapplied new thermal paste
  • Changed AIO power from CPU pump to CPU Fan header
  • Checked CPU and mobo for bent pins
  • Checked Mobo for any problems
  • Reslotted all ram (5/6 times)
  • Tried 1 stick of ram
  • Bios update via flash drive
  • Changed from LL120 Corsair fans to standard fans
  • Tried booting with no SSD
  • Tried booting with no graphics card
  • Tried all PCI slots with graphics card
  • Changed from a RMX650 power supply to RMX850
  • CMOS Clear w/ battery out for 5 minutes
  • CMOS Clear with jumping JBAT1 on mobo
  • Rebuilt the whole PC again
  • Tried different SATA ports

I looked over just about everything I can possibly think of or read and I am out of ideas of what could be going on. I know all the parts work as I used them 2 days ago and even tested the GPU in my new rig. The specs are below, I would really appreciate any help as he doesn't have any money to spend at the moment on new parts and he really wants to start gaming on PC.


MSI Z270 Tomahawk Arctic Mobo
i7- I7700k CPU
Geforce GTX 980 (reference card)
64 GB 3000 MHz DDR4 Trident Z RAM
Deepcool AIO
Samsung 970 EVO SSD
Corsair 220t RGB Airflow
Corsair RMX850 PSU