Question Motherboard shows green light, but doesn’t power on

Jun 24, 2019
Hi guys, my pc has had problems lately. I recently took the CPU fan to transfer it to another build, but decided to keep it in the original build. I put it all together, only for it to not power on at all. The original pc was 100 percent functional before i took out its CPU fan so I’m not quite sure what could be wrong with it. I checked the PSU, reseated all components including CPU, checked RAM, and shorted the front panel connectors to try and turn it on, but no results. I also reseated the 24 pin and the 8 pin power plugs as well, but no results there either. I really need to get this pc running as I work as a graphic designer. Thank you all in advance

My build

Asus P7H57D-V EVO motherboard

Core I3 CPU (Can’t remember exact model from off my head)

GTX 1050 TI video card

2x4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM

EVGA 500 Watt PSU

Sandisk 120 GB SSD

Edit: Solved, the problem was I plugged a 3 pin fan connector into a 4 pin
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