Question Motherboard size question


I am thinking of throwing a system together for resale.

I can get an I5 2400 for like under $20 on ebay, so I was thinking about that and went looking for a motherboard.

I see this motherboard below is pretty cheap and looks to be micro ATX, although I don't see it listed anywhere. I cannot find anything on google.

Dell M5DCD LGA 1155
Does anyone know if this motherboard is standard m-atx, like it looks? Also, it would support an I5 2400 right?

Or would I be better off spending more on a motherboard from a dell 3010 MT, which I know is micro ATX?


Nov 1, 2019
They are slightly different they aren’t a square they are more rectangular But it should still fit in a Matx case as long as it has 4 pci slots


Its actually $11 plus free shipping for the first.

The second is $15 plus $10 shipping.

So over double the cost.

If you think they both are matx, i guess ill buy the cheaper one or perhaps find the same board but with a backplate.


I found a different board with IO shield for $15 shipped, so i think I want this.

This PC is to resell hopefully for a profit. Intent is gaming. I also want decent specs and decent looks for a low price.

Here are the supposed specs:

Intel Core I5 3550 $22
Cheap RGB CPU Cooler $10
Dell Optiplex 3010 42P49 LGA1155 $15
500gb Seagate HDD $12
Seasonic M12ii 520w $27
Already have:
GTX960 2gb $35
Case, RGB stip, case fans, and SATA cables $10

I know used PSUs may not be a great deal, so I may try to find a new model one. I would chuck in a CX450 but I'm too lazy to do the rebate ;)

Does this board need a BIOS update to support this CPU?

Please just double-check me, its late and I may have forgotten something.


A 2400 based system might maybe sell for $125, $175 if you include a provably valid Windows license.

I'm struggling to find any profit in this, worth more than a hour of time.
Because i already have a gtx960 and case.

The parts above would cost around $100, plus the gtx960 and case which i paid $45 for. I can get 16gb corsair vengeance ddr3 ram for $30 onn fb. And i already have an unused w10 liscense, dont worry there.

So around $175-200 in a system worth $275-325 maybe?

There is a little money to be had.