Motherboard Suggestion


Dec 23, 2007
I have recenlty built a Computer for my Mother, and the first time I turned it on the motherboard blew. I have had the parts for about 4 years now, so it is not covered under warranty. I am not looking to upgrade, just find a good quality motherboard that will work for her. I had an ASUS K8V SE DELUXE. I am running an Athlon 64 3400+ Socket 754. I was wondering if anybody could give me a suggestion on what to get to replace this motherboard. I have found a few that look good, but this is the first computer I have built so any help would be greatly appreciated. I also need it to have plenty of USB ports, PCI slots, and be expandable to 4 GB of RAM.

Thanks has a good selection of new and refurb socket 754 motherboards. Most don't have firewall, and the memory limit for any socket 754 board is 3 gigs. Windows 32 bit won't recognize more than 3 gigs so there's no point in installing 4 gigs. There are also some boards listed on pricewatch. Be sure they're agp. Nforce4 chipset will be pci-e. I use asrock boards, a low end unit of asus. Be sure to read the manual before powering up, and be sure your power supply isn't toasted.