Question Mouse Ghosting/Trailing

Dec 15, 2018
Hello again,

So I previously had a 75hz Monitor and it did me just fine, works amazing. I upgraded to a 144hz monitor as well as to a 2080 Super.

I was hoping this issue would be fixed when I got a higher refresh rate however... it did not fix. I have mouse trails off and thats the ONLY fix I've been able to find for this. I don't know if this is supposed to happen or not or if it is unfixable or not. Regardless I would like to explore this.

When I move my mouse fast left and right, I can see more than cursor where it had previously been HOWEVER, I disabled Mouse Trails in Windows. It's off and there are still trails or ghosting behind my mouse.

It is not just my mouse, I can see it in games and when I move windows. I have two monitors and they have the SAME amount of ghosting and trailing. So, I don't know what to do about this. Any assistance would help, I don't know how I can provide evidence because a screenshot wouldn't cover this.

Thanks again.


Jan 19, 2015
No, I always disable it when I can, but it's on the desktop of Windows, it is everywhere and it's annoying.
Do you still have the issue? I have the same issue I tried many things but it fixed randomly and it comes back randomly

It is some kind of Lag Input of EMI that screw the mouse and many other things in the computer. I can't pinpoint which one causing this.

How many hard disks do you have?
This is mine

This is someone else

I hope you see this message, we might be able to fix this.

Please video your mouse movement and we compare.

Also this

Tell me if you change the cursor, does it feels better?

OMG DID I FIND THE FIX??? Why does this arrows feels better than the Windows Default System Scheme ?/?/

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