[SOLVED] Mouse Left Click Issues 2021

Feb 10, 2021
Hi. First, yes I searched this a read the like 5 articles on here that all say the same things for this issue.

The problem:
My PC seems to register less than half of my left mouse clicks. Problem really started bugging me last week, yesterday I went out and bought a new Corsair m65 RBG Pro. Still has the exact same problems. It is ONLY the LEFT click as main click, Right works fine and if i switch Right to main, the left then works fine as the secondary click... makes no sense.

Attempted Fixes:
-I have changed the port its plugged into.
-I have changed the power settings for my usb to not be able to turn off.
-I have checked for updates on my USB hubs and roots.
-I have re-registered and updated all windows apps.
-(It is NOT a DOUBLE CLICK problem, it is the normal single click.)
-It happens regardless of which mouse i use. So dont tell me to go buy a $5 mouse. They both work fine on other PCs.
-I have run Paid AVG, windows defender and Housecall, no issues found on any of them.
-I am about to reformat, however I just did last month and would like to avoid. But I will totally do it if needed.
-Event Viewer shows no errors.
-Currently in Process Monitor looking for errors

Some info:
Intel i7-8700k @ 3.7
nvidia 2060 super rtx
asus z-370A
Dell S2716DG(display port) and Generic PnP Monitor is my 55 roku tv(HDMI)
Dell runs at 144hz and the 55 at 60hz ( wondered if these being different may upset the pc?)
Dell @ 2560 x 1440
55 @ 3840 x 2160

EDIT: If i switch the primary mouse button to RIGHT... it works flawlessly as the secondary click. No delay, no double clicks needed. Switch back to LEFT... goes back to not registering... please help.. im pulling what little hair i have out.

Time Edit: Troubleshooted with my friend for awhile. We really didnt do much, like at all, but it seems to be working better. Where as 6/10 clicks wouldnt register before.. its like 1/10 now... idk
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