Question Mouse senor possibly broken

Jul 23, 2020
Hi tomshardware forumcommunity,
I have experienced an issue with my mouse over the past week which has gotten worse and I was unable to find any fixes for it.
Somtimes when doing something on my computer my mouse would stop moving but inputs from my mouse would still work and sometimes it would start having issues to track my mouse movement correctly and pressing it hard on my table would improve but not fix it.
I opended up my mouse and found the PCB lifted at an angle so I assumed the sensor was too high to be able to track movement so I put it in the right place and glued it on. It even got my mouse backmoving again but only for a short time and the sensor (i assume) would stop tracking any mouse movement. I opened up the mouse again but I couldn't find any loose sodlering points etc. I also cleaned the prism and the sensor but still my mouse would occasionally stop trakcing any movement. The only hint I could find to the cause of the issue was when I was pressing on my mouse sensor hard, it would start tracking some movement although not really anything good.
A week ago I found out that slamming my mouse on my table would fix the sensor and it would start tracking movement again (first time rage ever worked for me) but only a week later (now 2 days ago) the sensor wouldn't work again when trying to hit my mouse in different ways. I got so frustrated that I ordered a new mouse which will arrive in a week. But I also want to play CS:GO with my friends during that week and the crappy mouse I use right now doesn't track movement when I move it really fast so not really good for playing a compettive game.

My frustration led me again to my (I assumed) broken mouse which i got surprisingly the sensor tracking again when moving over silver shiny metal. i tried it again moving it over my mousepad but the sensor didn'T want to track movement again. So I started an experiment in which I tried lots of different materials wioth my mouse and came th the following comclusion:

my Mousepad (some kind of fabric): doesn't work
natural wood: doesn't work

shiny metal: works
transpareent plasdtics for packaging etc.: works
black paper: works (but not any other colour than maybe a very dark blue)
Computer case (black aluminium): works
fake leather with small wholes in it: works

My best conclusion I got was that flat really drak surfaces work for my mouse sensor but flatness is more important than colour which would explain my mousepad not working but black paper and my computer case but not my different-colour-paper-test.

I also tried a flat dark mat with white lines for mesuring etc. and it worked really badly (probably because of the white stripes)
my current mousepad I use right now to be able to use my old/broken mouse is the mesureing mat with a black flat plastic foil used to print text on t-shirts. it works ok but playing CS:GO doesn't work really great because the surface is way smaller than my normal mousepad and when lifting the mouse slightly the tracking stops working again for ~1-2sec.

So finally my question: Does anybody have some suggestions for building a better mousepad or even fix the sensor issue or anything that could help me to use my mouse more comfortably for the next week?

and thank you for trying to help me!


You tested the materials the mouse worked on, so what you can do with making a mousepad out of any of those depends entirely on what you have around the house. You can glue some material to the top of your mousepad if you want, or use some other rubber mat, whatever you have available.