Question Mouse stopped working after using it with ps4

Jul 19, 2020
Hi, i just got a rog strix impact II mouse, and it worked fine in the start on my PC. I then tried using it with my PlayStatin 4 (Where it also worked fine) but when i then plugged it into my PC again it just stopped working. My pc detects the mouse and the RGB light still works, but everything else doesn't.
I have tried reinstalling and updating the drivers but it doesn't help.
The mouse doesn't work on my laptop and PlayStation either, and my other mouse still works om my pc.
Any help would be appreciated :)
I killed an XBox once by plugging an unsupported WiFi dongle into it. Coming from the PC world, we expect that USB really means Universal, but that does not seem to be the case with consoles. Before plugging anything into a console now, I check for compatibility.

It sucks that your mouse is dead, but you say you just got it. I would return/exchange it for a new one, and don't mention plugging it into a PS4.
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While it might be possible, I find it unlikely that plugging a mouse into a PS4 would kill it, especially considering the mouse was working fine on the PS4, and the console is designed to work with standard PC mice and keyboards. It could simply be that the mouse had some factory defect that caused it to fail early.

By "doesn't work" do you mean it doesn't move the cursor on the screen at all? Are clicks detected? If the buttons work but the cursor movement doesn't, have you tried adjusting the DPI sensitivity in the mouse drivers, or pressing the DPI selector button on the underside of the mouse? It's possible that a profile stored on the mouse might have somehow got messed up, and switching to another might potentially help.