MS Office 2003 Won't cut and paste and startup problems.


Oct 23, 2006
I am tech support at a medium sized company and I am stumped. I have a user with an almost brand new Dell D520 with 512 RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo who is having basic stability problems and it seems to come back every time to Office.

After a while Word will stop cutting and pasting, although it does not freeze.After a reboot it will be fine. Additionally he has a sporatic problem where Windows will boot to a black screen after logging in. I can get the desktop to show up by using Taskmanager and manaually running the Explorer.exe service. (we are running a domain stucture)

I check his hard drive becuase I get about 2 hard drives a month from Dell that go bad, but it is fine. It did have some index issues which Windows fixed with a chkdsk. This did seetle the computer down a bit, but it is still acting up.

I've also reseated the 2.5 " SATA drive and I have run every diagnostic I can think of. Microsoft makes mention of this problem, but does not address the issues I have, it mostly talks about files getting currupted and that is not happeneing yet. I have scanned for spyware using Spybot and McAfee Total protection for small business. It is clean.

Has anyone else seen this.


Oct 16, 2006
make sure office 2003 is on sp2 and has the latest critical update patches installed, same with windows

if this is just a workstation, why don't u just rebuild it and see if it continues to happen, but avoid using custom images

you can also clean boot the machine using msconfig to exclude all third party services and startups, see if the user reports any issues after a couple of days

blank desktops can also be address by the step mentioned above, either that or he is having shell issues, i don't think it's a resource allocation problem

set the indexing service to manual, not really required on a workstation, when you do checkdsk check back on the event logs and make sure no bad sector errors are being reported

use dell's latest drivers on their website to make sure everything is up to date, disable the AV to see what happens

also try to verfiy that the ram hasn't gone bad