Question MSI GT72VR 6RE causing my HDD to do micro-clicking quite often ?


Aug 15, 2006
Hi All

I have been using my HDD for quite some time and it has been working perfectly. Recently I purchased a second hand MSI GT72VR 6RE laptop.
I have noticed that ever since I have used my HDD with this laptop, it has been clicking a lot. These clicks are not like regular clicks that HDD make.
These clicks are low in sound. Also they do not cause any issue in performance.
Like if I am copying anything to or from the HDD, the speed at which the data is being transferred is not affected by these clicks.
But these clicks are worrying me because when I bought the laptop, it had a 1tb HDD and a 128gb M.2 ssd in it.
The health of that 128gb ssd was like 56% and the HDD was really slow in speed, eventhough it showed 100% health.
When I mean slow, it is that it took a lot of time to copy stuff, which was way more than what it should take in normal cases.

I am worried that these clicks might harm my HDD.

Can you all please suggest me as to what can I do to fix this issue.

Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks