Msi K8N Neo2-FX Memory Problem


Nov 29, 2005
Having a bit of a frustrating problem here.

Upgraded my system to an opteron. Thus having a 3200+ venice lying around I thought my brother could make good use of it. Said and done. I orderd a Msi k8n neo2-fx. I knew they were among the best nForce3 boards there was.

I used the same memory from his old system. Which was the

the ones with black heatspreader

They worked exellent for the old Athlon Xp nForce2 system. But for some reason i can't make the system boot to windows with both ram modules installed. In dimm 1&2 the system beeps and nothing happens. In 3&4 the system boots to the moment when windows is supposed to boot. But the system restarts directly.

I've updated the bios to the latest verision. Tried other single/double sided dimms in all the slots and nothing happens.

I wonder have anyone here encounterd the same problem with this combo of ram, motherboard and cpu?

Or does anyone have any ideas?

Thnx on advance, Wh4len ^^


Dec 7, 2006
Hopefully you got an answer for this a long time ago. I think your problem is that you are putting the RAM in the wrong slots. Double check - I think you have to use slots 1/3 or 2/4 (same color)