Question MSI laptop upgrade

Dec 12, 2019
Good evening everyone,

I purchased an MSI GF75 thin 9SD laptop recently and would like to upgrade/add an M.2 drive as the current 256gb will be eaten up pretty quickly. My only issue is I’m really struggling to find straight answers regarding M.2 slots on the laptop. The website (scan) states that it has “1 x M.2, 22-80, PCIe/SATA - AVAILABLE”
when I’ve rang MSI (not helpful at all) they also said this, but when I opened it up I could only see the 1 slot in use by the current M.2 drive and the slot used by the intel network card (scan has this in the specs so it’s not like they’ve missed it when stating availability).

My only thought is, is the current M.2 slot double? As the current drive is stood off the mobo and has double sided sticky pads under, I imagine to stop it moving.

Does anyone have any experience of this laptop? Or a similar issue? I have looked over the mobo throughly but can’t see another slot! I’m pulling my hair out.

Thanks for any help!