Review MSI MAG CoreLiquid P360 AIO Review: Strong Performance, Value Pricing


"MSI’s MAG CoreLiquid P360 features a pump that’s integrated within the radiator...
MSI claims two advantages from this design: longer life expectancy due to the pump being removed from the CPU’s direct heat..."

Maybe so, but if the user chooses to top mount it, this has the caveat of exposing the pump to air - longer life expectancy just went out the window.
A front mount is really the only option if the user wants it to last. Maybe add that as a con, or as a disclaimer on the front page?
Then there's the gunk issue that affects both MAG and MPG series. You don't hear about MPG due to the less attractive pricing, but Apaltek assembled them both and screwed up - then again, they made that same mistake with the Kraken M22...