msi p35d3 platinum version 1.0 or 1.1?


Sep 13, 2007
We just ordered, and received, an msi p35d3 plaltinum motherboard based on Tom's Hardware reveiw. We requested a board version 1.1 from vendor, but they couldn't verify that it would be the newest one, and sure enought, it wasn't. Question:

1. Based ON Tom's Hardware reviews, we felt that having v. 1.1 was important, so, How do you order one and specify version #. The vendors don't seem to be capable of handling this. In all fairness, the board version # does not appear on the box, only on the MB.

2. Is the revised version, 1.1, commercially available yet, or did they rig one up special just for Tom's testing?

3. Is it really that important to get 1.1? I don't think we really plan on much "overclocking".

Sure would appreciate some guidance.