MSI Previews 100-Series Motherboards Beside RGB-Lit X99A "Godlike Gaming"

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Jul 13, 2009
Godlike....Jesus H Christ. What's next? Bible-Z-Power? CondomStrength-X?
MSI G-Zus' E-ster? The Sacredblood competing with Sabertooh?
Put a Devil's Canyon on a Pope's PowerLight 2016? Let's hope they won't have children.
MSI 6-5P0T? The FL35HL16HT 4 (in collaboration with) YO'MOMMA stick?

Introducing the new gaming seat from MSI: The Rectum Z! The ultimate X-perience!


Seriously now,
What if I happen to have boot problems or lag while gaming on that motherboard? Does that mean GOD doesn't LIKE me?
What does it mean if there's a better board around? That God is gaming on bullshit hardware? I bet God can game better, right?

And isn't it strange that it's nothing but a GodLike motherboard that's using the 2 most typical colors from hell - red and black? Wasn't heaven supposed to be white and all that?
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ha ha, why on earth do they still have VGA and USB 2.0 ... how stupid.
I would have to agree on the vga part. Sure, it's good to have compatibility on older monitors however VGA only monitors are so far in the past now that it's strange to have it on board.

As for USB 2.0, we NEED usb 2.0 still. New gaming mice and keyboards are still usb 2.0. I have a new corsair vengeance headset that absolutely hates being in a USB 3.0, but loves a usb 2.0 port.


ha ha, why on earth do they still have VGA and USB 2.0 ... how stupid.
In some parts of the world, you still see plenty of VGA monitors(not everyone one replaces something that works just fine.). To add to this, some TV's still have VGA in(I know it means not bluray, but yeah).

Less than a year ago I was using VGA input for second system. Guess what it looked just fine(even at 1920 x 1200). A very tiny bit less sharp on small text, but un-noticable in video or even games. I should have just threw it out because it was out of style right?

USB 3.0 does not work with quite a bit of hardware. I mean my capture card will not even be seen on a 3.0 port.

Frozen Fractal

May 17, 2015

RGB lighting on a mobo????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what on earth is this??? Or should I be saying "what on cosmos is this (since it is GODLIKE you know)"
I mean, okay, we like RGB lighting on our builds, and pc parts, but this is just ridiculous. It makes it look like nothing more than a 3 year old's toy.

And that IO cover, WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH MSI?????? That thing is simply plain writing, no design, no nothing, like someone thought putting "GODLIKE" in Calibri font a great idea, (microsoft office word style, no design, just plain white screen). Hell, even Tom's Hardware's website looks better than this GODLIKE mobo.

I don't know about others, but if MSI doesn't bring to the final sample of this mobo any good design (and GOD!, please remove this RGB lighting, it looks gooey) they are sure to lose a customer.

EDIT: I like X99A Gaming 9 AC(K) way way way way way way way way way way way way (and I just can keep saying that) better. It is aesthetically very profound than this gooey looking GODLIKE (GOD, why did MSI defamed the god himself!) motherboard, and is very, {VERY x (VERY) } cool. MSI could've included RGB lighting beneath a matte white plexi on the PCH, VRM Heatsink for a nice glow, or around the PCH heatsink, VRM heatsink and along the audio isolation sheild for a proper aesthetics. I think MSI's R&D failed themselves on this. BOOOOO!!!!! :kaola:
3ogdy's initial comment was priceless lol. Calling it 'godlike' is lame enough, even more tacky to have it printed on the board itself like they do. Even if there were a 'godlike' motherboard, highly doubt msi would be taking credit for it. An attempt at edgy gone horribly wrong. The led lighting is more of a personal choice I guess, though I'd rather be in control of placing my own lighting to avoid the tacky factor of a 90's 'leet' fx.

Adding stability to the pcie slots, if in fact it truly does so, was a good effort in the right direction.


Jul 11, 2013
Godlike was clearly not the right name... Obviously it should have been named to compete with EVGA's FTW line by naming it FTL (For The Lawlz).



black and red, color of hell, and divine name. maybe this board intended for satan worshipper.. :D
maybe msi can add 666 features to this one..and sell it 666 dollar do something with 666 number for this board.. :D

But it's still a nice board anyway..
just with inappropriate name..
A better usage for the WiFi technology would be to transmit the error codes from the on board LCD to an app which told the user what the likely problems were. It obviously performed what I guess was it's intended purpose, that being to get the press attendees to write about it. I wish the author had spent a bit more time asking about the aluminum frames, and component selection ... at the moment, looking for a replacement Asus PBZ 68-V Pro that a user brought in missing a PCI-E slot. Don't much care about decorative LEDs as long as there is an OFF switch.


Jun 29, 2006
So none of you has ever used 'GOD Mode' in any game?

Really, big deal, remember this is a direct translation from Korean.

?? ??
singwa gat-eun

An actual production MB might have a different name.

Wow! no one here ever used LEDs in their case?

So many times there have been complaints here about the colors available on products and the childish obsession with have all colors matching. Well now you can have your wish and cut back on your meds.

This reminds me of people freaking out about an outfit a that a celeb wears, that was picked out by a stylist or is paid to wear ONE time.

I get a picture of you as a child lying on a couch in your analyst office freaking out over a kindergarten classmates actually crossing over the outlines on a coloring book picture.


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I actually inspected the board and found that the aluminum frames are supported by the base of the slot, so the problem of slots ripping off when a PC is mishandled remains. They will however reduce the likelyhood that a card will warp the slot and cause it to lose contact, which I've experienced primarily when running an open bench without a card brace.

The biggest missing descriptions are the new Nahimic audio software license deal and the term "2.867Gbps Networking". Someone else is working on a qualitative assessment of the former, while the later is just a term Killer Networks customers are pressing to describe a combination of dual Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi controllers. These same companies are also telling people that the network controllers should be used separately to optimize bandwidth for various applications...

At least the aluminum frames have some functionality. Not sure how they would implement strengthening the actual slots at the motherboard. From a style aspect, I think they committed several faux pas but to each their own when it comes to looks.

People have color preferences if they use a windowed case where products will be visible and you can't fault people for matching colors. Who buy's a car with one gray seat, one black seat, a blue roof, red hood etc. besides barnum and bailey's. Led's are simple enough to add to any system for $20-30.

It would have been nice to see some original feature in terms of functionality as a working part in terms of connectivity, extra fan headers or improved layout. Something besides the cover story that they managed to fit 5 rgb led bulbs onto the board. Just sort of screams hey, we have nothing new so we slapped a bunch of 'kewl' stickers on it. Pepto bismol pink cases exist also and while unique, guessing they cornered their product into a very niche market. I think a lot of people equate the 'godlike' splash to airbrushing 'zoooom' on the side of a corvette. Kids might think it's cool.

Robert Cook

If it had 4 way SLI at 16X and some really unheard of options besides the RGB lighting, it would be slightly less sacrileges, but it is not even that great looking of a motherboard,and it does not need a blockt GODLIKE across it...

On Water cooling builds with rigid acrylic tubing, I suggest a leftover piece of tubing from the case floor, radiator or PSU shroud .... started out as temporary thing but in 18 months since I 1st used, I haven't come up with anythng better.

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