Question MSI X399 GameBoost and 1950x Threadripper

Mar 23, 2019
Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster! I'm running a streaming/gaming PC with a 1950x, 1080ti SeaHawk, 64gb DDR4 3200, and MSI x399 Pro Carbon MB.

I've tried OC'ing my system through Ryzen Master and manually in the bios many times, with unstable results when approaching 3.85ghz 3.5v, and very little performance increase overall. Last night I decided to try out the 3.9OC Game Boost option in the bios, rebooted, and I was absolutely blown away. I also have the AMP profile set to 2 now, which seems to be stable through hours of streaming/gaming tests.

I have never been able to come close to streaming PUBG at 1080p/60 on medium, or even faster x264 encoding settings, but after enabling game boost I avg 120-140fps in game while streaming on the medium cpu preset in OBS. The system also seems stable after setting my voltages in the bios as well.

When I'm not streaming pubg sits closer to 180-220fps with game boost controlling my overclocking, and with no OC'ing I sit closer to 130ish.

I'm very confused as to why the game boost option would make any difference over ryzen master, or even manually setting the OC settings in the bios. Can anyone explain what might be going on here, or what I'm dong wrong with my other manual overclocking/ryzen master?

Second part of the question: Now that I'm overclocking my temps are starting to reach the low 80's, and when it hits around 83 the cpu automatically brings several cores down to 550mhz to control the temps. If I would like to allow for it to go slightly high, is there any way to increase the limit slightly?

Thank you very much for any help with this, I was up until 4am yesterday trying to figure this out.

PS. After posting this I realize that this should be in the OC category, but I can't seem to move it. My apologies.