Question MSI z390 Gaming and Gigabyte RTX 2080 compatibility issues?

Jul 29, 2019
I have a new MSI MPG Z390 Gaming mobo and a Gigabyte RTX2080 GPU. There is a compatibility problem and the MSI forum (and MSI themselves i'm sure) are well aware of it. Slow boot time and inability to get into system BIOS (it simply won't display) are the two major symptoms. If I remove the card and boot using the MSI mobo's HDMI port the MSI splashscreen is clear and it goes into the MSI BIOS setup instantly. Booting into Win10 Pro is maybe a 20 second wait. Plug in the 2080, the MSI splash screen looks like it's in 640x480 (fuzzy), and if I hit "Del" to enter BIOS I get a black screen (I believe its actually in "BIOS Setup" but I can't see it) instead of the nice mouse driven BIOS I get with the MSI HDMI port. Just sits there until I reboot. Absolutely an issue with these two parts., anyone have a solution before I shelve the perfectly good MSI board and buy a Gigabyte mobo? One has to go, and considering the cost the mobo loses...