Multiple Arrays?


Mar 15, 2012
Is it possible to have two RAID 1 arrays and one RAID 0 array? I ask this for this is the current setup

Server: HP Proliant HP DL380 G7
RAID 1 array
2 x 146GB drives
1 x 300GB drive
2 x 1 TB drive (not installed)

The Server is running on Windows 2008 Server R2 and there is a critical Microsoft MySQL DB based applications running which I cant interfere with much for it is used for crucial daily operations. For it looks like I'll need to redo the arrays due to the different disks sizes to improve performance but how can i go about it with minimal interference?

How do I go about it?


Feb 27, 2012

I'm not aware of a way to configure the new array without at least a server restart. Can you take it down for a few minutes?

If so, yes, you should be able to set up a new array with RAID 0 or whatever. They need not all be of one type. What are you using the 300GB drive for outside of RAID? You can set this up from the BIOS menu or boot the 8.70 HP Smart Start CD (I think it's called) if you prefer a GUI to guide you through it.

EDIT: Note: you need to be very careful to leave your production drives alone. It is very easy to wipe those drives when messing with the RAID arrays. Be sure you have the new drives selected alone before making changes.
I presume that all hard disks are connected to the Smart Array P410i Integrated controller? What's the current configuration and what are you trying to achieve? Did you already install the hp array utilities?

It's possible to have two RAID 1 arrays and one RAID 0 array, but what's the purpose of the 300 GB drive? Will it be a member of an array? Will you create one RAID 0 and one RAID 1 array using the 1 TB drives?