Question Multiple computers stuttering on almost every game.

Apr 2, 2019
I want to try to make this quick and simple, I posted on other forums about this and everyone thought i was stupid or crazy. The problem started back in November, 2018 when i upgraded to a RTX 2080 and a NVME SSD. Before that upgrade here were the specs: I7-4930k, gtx 980, 16gb memory, ax1200i power supply, asus rampage black motherboard, 2 ssds and a hard first i thought the problem would be the graphics card so I took it out and swapped in the gtx 980 to test, the problem persisted. I took out the new ssd and the same thing.
Heres a short list of things i tried:
benchmarked pc using 3dmark, cinebench and a few other and they came back fine.
unplugged every other drive except the boot drive.
changed boot drive.
reset windows multiple times.
turned game mode, and game bar off
disabled background apps
I did at least 50 other things to no avail then i thought lets try a different pc; so i got my cousin to let me borrow his second pc. I put my ssd in it and it still persisted to stutter so bad that i had to turn the settings down to 720p low with a 1050 ti.

I also took my pc to my uncles house to test it there to make sure there wasn't interference. and the problem persisted there.

last week i decided I was tired of this and bought new pc parts.
R9 3900x
Asus x570-E
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3600
corsair 680x case
corsair 750x power supply
i brought my rtx 2080 over into this new one and put the gtx 980 in my old one. (I made sure to use DDU to ensure everything was wiped)
i also used the NVMe SSD from november as my boot drive.

The stuttering still happens! I have nearly double the FPS as my last computer with this new processor but it still stutters!
fortnite stutters down to as low as 30 FPS; sometimes it just freezes. BFV gets 100 FPS low settings with no signs of FPS drops but I still feel microstutters. I get about 80 FPS on GTAV on high or low settings it doesnt even matter with only a 5 FPS stutter. I have yet to test other games but all I know is the problem still occurs and there is literally no way I can think of to solve this.

All help would be appreciated.
Apr 2, 2019
Online - offline?

What games? Where did you get them?

Have you used Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance? First while not gaming and then while gaming?
happens online and offline
happens on every game whether it be a stutter every second or just low FPS, one or the other happens.
task manager and resource monitor both show normal use of what it should be. for example when a stutter occurs neither cpu or gpu drops a single percentage. while not gaming the pc's are fine.