Question Multiple NANO HD access points - Ongoing problems for over a year


Feb 6, 2016
I have changed settings on all access points multiple by multiple times. This has been an ongoing problem to this today for over a year now.

Some lights get "lost" or "unavailable", google devices go offline at random, on rare occasions the Wi-Fi just drops out, no wireless at all, the access points blink white then eventually turn solid blue and at that point, back online. (This is when my INTERNET IS WORKING)

Now, let me tell you my setup:

I have 4 Nano HD access points in total running off of the Unifi application on a PC that is on continuously. NO CLOUD KEY.

3 of the 4 access points are within my 1920 Sq Ft. home. Each individual NANO HD access point (ALL 4) are WIRED via CAT6A cable to a "Smart Switch: (TP-Link TL-SG1016PE V3) that is plugged in to my FRONTIER Router with Fiber Internet 500/500.

I have 42 devices in total running off of 3 Nano HD access points throughout my home:

1, 4k Player (2.4 GHz) for updates ONLY, no streaming.

1, Harmony Hub (2.4 GHz)

19, LIFX Lights throughout home (2.4 GHz)

4, Apple iPads (5 GHz)

2, Android cellular phones (5 GHz)

6, Google Assistants - 2 hubs, 2 hub max, 1 Home, 1 Nest Audio (5 GHz)

1 Tp-Link Plug (2.4 GHz)

1 Nintendo Switch (5 GHz)

3 Wyze V3 Cams (2.4 GHz)

1 Roborock Vacuum (2.4 GHz)

1 Video Doorbell - Lorex 2k (5 GHz)

1 Roku - 1080p Stick (2.4 GHz)

1 Galaxy Watch (2.4 GHz)

Everything else is WIRED via Cat6A.

I have set up these access points under 1 SSID, I have changed:

Transmit Power - On 2.4 + 5 GHz
Channels - On 2.4 + 5 GHz (Whether it be on auto or same/different channels with low utilization
Meshing - ON/OFF
Band Steering - ON/OFF
Reset - Starting from scratch MULTIPLE TIMES.
Resetting EACH access point

Not only is this BEYOND ridiculous but extremely aggravating. I have tried to get support via chat and all that happens is being disconnected and given a website to follow to fix the problem (Which NEVER WORKS)

I have invested a good chunk of $$ on this wireless network that has NO CONSISTANCY.

Are my problems software setup related or are the access points just JUNK?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you.
Those are some of the best AP you can get at a more consumer friendly price. They have many feature you pay huge money for on the large brands used in commercial installs.

I have not use those particular units but ubiquiti has much better logging than many especially when you are running their control software. I would assume it would tell you if one of the AP failed or rebooted.

It would not be unusual for wifi devices to drop one of your neighbors might have done a large download on their wifi equipment running on the same channel. This interference might be more than the end device like and it drops. You would think it would reconnect at some time.
Hard to say all this is in control of the end device. Unlike a cell tower the end device not the network is in full control of where and when it connects.

There are a couple of other people who visit this forum that have used ubiquiti management software more recently than I have maybe they know of some tool in the software that would help you find out why you are getting drops.