Question MW2 (2022) Low GPU usage (>5%) but 99% bottleneck on benchmark ?

Oct 29, 2022
Hello all,

So MW2 (2022) just came out and i started playing it and like all new games i play i open up task manager on my second monitor to see usage and temps.
I noticed that whilst in game running around my GPU usage was at most 4%.
This seemed weird to me so i ran the build in benchmark after double checking my driver where up to date and setting where correct. The benchmark ran fine i got an avg of 77fps but it said i had a 99% gpu bottleneck ?
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas if it is bottlenecked for some reason or if the games just badly optimized.

System info:
CPU - Intel i9-10850k 3.6GHZ
GPU- RTX 3070
RAM- Corsair Vengance Pro 32GB DDR4/3600mhz
MotherBoard- MSI MPG Z590

Thanks in advance :)