Question My Asus laptop suddenly turned off and it doesn't react to anything now

Dec 16, 2020
Today, I turned on my laptop and it loaded to the login screen. (It was not plugged into the charger) Everything went well. Before I logged in, I plugged in to the usual socket and I went to another room. When I came back, my laptop was turned off and It didn't react to anything (Like Power Button) and the charging lamp was not lit as well. After this, I tried another charging socket, but with the same result. I tried the original socket with the phone, and it charged well.
So the situation is, My laptop is not turning on with/without charge. It doesn't do anything. What is the problem? What happenned? What can I do at all?

Specs: Asus FX503VD
Intel Core i5 7300 HQ
Nvidia Geforce 1050M
Win 10 on HDD, and SSD
Purchased new in 2018 Sept.


You could try and disassemble the laptop and then remove the stick(s) of ram, press and hold down the power button on the laptop for 30 seconds, then use an eraser on the gold contacts of the stick(s) of ram, wipe clean then replace said stick(s) of ram and see if the laptop regains life. I'm suspecting that the power delivery circuit on the laptop's motherboard might've been compromised. You might want to take the laptop into a service center to have them take a look(if you're not proficient with a multimeter and a soldering iron).

If you have a friend or neighbor with the same(exact charger), perhaps see if the adapter powers the laptop. Does your existing adapter heat up when plugged in to the wall?


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