Question My Asus Strix 3080 keeps crashing while playing Destiny2 due to a crash or loss of Graphics Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm


Dec 4, 2019
About a week ago, these Broccoli errors (the in game name for errors due to problem with your GPU card/ driver) started randomly. It straight up just boots me out of the game into Windows. Sometimes right when I pop into a game sometimes a couple of games after, but eventually every time.

I thought initially, it is was only a game issue - as everything including 3dMark benchmarks and regular computer usage runs fine... but little did I know then that this error would cause me so much sustained grief

My setup is a Windows 11 PC running Ryzen 5800x and a Asus Strix 3080 OC on a MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi and Patriot 4133 32GB kit (underclock3d to 3600) and a 1000W Corsair RM series PSU

So things that I have tried to do so far..
  • Reverting to a previous Nvidia driver that I had no issues with, but I don't think that is the issue anymore.
  • Changing V-ysnc on-off in game and setting with windows GPU scheduler on/off. That was back when I was still looking at it as primarily as a Destiny issue than a PC issue
  • Cancelling any OC on the Graphics card (which would not really be the issue anyways)
  • I have heard this error is caused I some threads because of conflicting software that are trying to manage the system, so instead to tinkering and trying to find out who/ how many they may be I just went and done a fresh Windows install on a separate SSD, hoping that would do definitely do it, needlessly to say.. even that didn't work..
So things that I learned about error: nvlddmkm Event ID 14
  • The game crashes after the driver crash but it always recovers. There is not BSOD or restarts
  • Tracking GPU metrics on HWinfo doesn't detect anything unusual, just that the minimum stable voltage was reached at max capacity. Which is not unusual with Turbo Boost 3.0 and an OC Curve right?
  • For further context, my Patriot 4400 RAM is under locked the the Ryzen 5800x is PBO managed with cores undervolted for better temps and performance. Both those OCs are stable on Membench and Prime 95/ OCCT runs. And I have had them setup for a while now, way before these errors were a thing
    • Regardless, I have bit the bullet earlier today I switched back to stock Bios settings and came into work, so no word on whether that would have an impact
  • The cause of this error is still random, given that I literally have two Windows to compare results from, I have seen that the OG Windows drive causes the error prompt in game a lot quicker, while the fresh install in most cases take longer
  • It has been suggested in some thread as the "fix" to modify the registry to raise the value on the timeout detection used by the OS to trigger a reset of the GPU when the OS doesn't receive a response form the device in a timely manner. And while it may give me more headroom but it won't fix the underlying issue causing your GPU to delay response to the OS causing the reset... So I have refrained from getting to the point of editing registry values thus... but I suppose it not that far off from trying that
In my frenzy my diagnostic has been a little all over the place, I still don't know whether this is a software (gpu driver related issue as the game keeps me saying) or a far more insidious OC/ GPU issue which is what is being discussed in certain threads

I am completely at my wits end now and do not know how to proceed from here.. and I would really appreciate if anyone can help. Cheers!
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Exploding PSU

Jul 17, 2018
I'm in the same boat as you are in, but I'm running an entirely different GPU (a 6800XT), anything from entering Crucible to simply hanging around the Tower would kick me out with a Broccoli error, flash the screen to black for a few seconds, and the AMD Software would tell me "a driver timeout" has occurred. So I think it's not an issue exclusive to Nvidia devices. Nothing I do seem to fix the problem (countless driver installs, tried all GPU tuning settings).

I've found out that disabling NZXT Cam from running at startup for some reason makes the game run a bit more stable (not sure if it's a placebo effect or if it actually works). It will still crash eventually, but at least it would take a bit longer (enough to enter an activity at least). I simply decided it's not worth the headache and stopped playing the game.

That being said, I always have rubbish performance in Destiny, even with lowest settings I could only manage 30 FPS at the Tower. It's a curse, I just try to live with it. It's solid 60 FPS anywhere else.