My computer came unplug while booting. Batterys dead. I lost something and now


Dec 12, 2011
My computer is plugged in and wont charge. Bought a new power cord and it didnt charge. Put an updated bios in and it worked for a short time. Now its not charging again. i took my batteries to a friends computer and his charged my batteries. not sure what to do. I ran a test and the motherboard seems to be working fine. Any help?

Since you fail to mention what computer you have, check or download an owners manual and got to trouble shooting section, or look for a forum for your computer manufacturer.
Your power jack could be lose or the part of the motherboard with the charging circuit could be damaged. Bring it into a repair shop to get fixed, but get a few opinions as to what the issue is, don't let someone tell you to replace a motherboard for $200 when it could be something much simpler.