Question My computer started turning off while playing games after 1 month being out of use

May 12, 2019
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So my PC stayed out of use for about 1 month. When I turned it on again and started playing CSGO (this is the only game I play usually), after several hours of playing it started crashing like every 30 minutes. By crashing I mean this way - just turning off and after the crash I can start it again after stopping the power supply until every light is gone and then turning it back on. The next day it stopped doing this but after 2 week the same started repeating bu turning off after like 1 hour of playing. I noticed the GPU gets too hot and on high load in the game and because I used to have unlimited FPS in CSGO with the command fps_max 0, I got it back to default - 300 fps in game and 120 in the main menu and it went from almost 80 degrees all the way down to 60-65. Then it started happening more rarely but still happens. And I dont know what is the temp before crashing because I dont know when I gotta check. How can I find out what it is because? Is it really the temp of the gpu or the power supply cant handle the load of the gpu? I got AMD Ryzen 1500X, AMD RX 580 and 600W EVGA 80+.