My computer


Apr 13, 2012
I know you said you didn't want to change anything... but I'm going to suggest changes anyway:

- The i7-2600S is a last-generation low-power processor; in other words, it's much slower and has fewer features than the more affordable i5-3570k.
- The 6970 is, again, a last-generation piece, and for $435 you can afford a 7970 (which is quite a bit faster and more efficient).
- Motherboard choice is understandable for a Sandy Bridge CPU, but Z77 boards offer more features even without an Ivy Bridge CPU.
- $160 is an awful lot for a 120GB SSD. A Samsung 830 or OCZ Vertex 4 128GB offer high speeds and reliability for around $100.

But to answer your actual question, yes, it's all compatible; just not something I'd recommend.