My DVD/CD Drive seems to have vanished!!!


Jun 21, 2011
hi :whistle: :whistle: im new here and I have what I believe to be a serious problem ....

My DVD/CD Drive seems to have vanished!!!
Here's how it happened -
Went to install a new printer, following directions, load the install cd/dvd in computer, and nothing happens so I go to 'Computer' on start menu, the only drives listed in there are 'Local Disk (C: ) and HP_Recovery(D: ), I turned off computer, pulled out battery, even pulled out screw so I could take out the physical drive (this was listed in the help menu of the computer) then put every thing back, turned it on, hoping for the miracle recovery from the battery removal and blah, nothing. :fou: I have tried putting in movies, tried opening QuickPlay, and all it says is no disk detected, and the computer doesn't show the cd/dvd drive -- I even went to device manager to check for the bios or something (again listed in the help menu) but there is no cd/dvd device listed ....... Please help

Background info, I used the dvd player back in march and it worked fine, took computer on log road trip and now no player