My experience - There is no such thing as Technical Support from ASRock

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Jul 7, 2011
RESOLVED (Finally)

It wasn't heat related at all. I was careful to make sure the HS was installed properly and doing it's job. I'm somewhat anal in that dept because engineering is in my background ;-)

As directed by a kind member above, I downloaded Windows 10.

It fully installed and is up and running....not a hitch.

SO in the final analysis, new machines are not going to play well with older Operating Systems.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help.

AMD's formal position with Windows 7 on the Ryzen platform is that it is unsupported. There are ways to make it work but if you run into problems you're on your own on trying to resolve them.
Ryzen can be made to work fine on win 7 from a fresh install.

Im guessing though that you used an existing installation on a hard drive & just changed hardware - otherwise you would have been asking long ago why your mouse & keyboard would not work during the install process!!

Feb 17, 2018

I have been reading these forums for years. I have never seen a more absurd and false response to a question.

Newegg will help you out for 30 days, then it's on you to contact the manufacturer for warranty issues.
Amazon is 30 days and Best Buy is 15 days unless you buy geek squad protection. No vendor will contact a manufacturer on your behalf. They will laugh at you. This is why the manufacturers have warranty's and not the vendor.


If you are in Australia or New Zealand, or other countries with strong consumer protection laws, both are true.

If the manufacturer gives you the run-around, is otherwise hard to reach, has gone out of business, or the terms of their warranty is found to be insufficient, you can claim directly from the retailer.