My GPU is freezing and stuttering to a black screen for split second.

Jul 18, 2018
Hello dear experts.

I have recenlty bought my new low spec rig, its been upto 1 month since i bought it.
It have 8 gb of DDR3 ram and and i5 processor 2nd gen with 4 cores and a graphic card "GT 730 DDR3 2gb".

now, im having some problems currently. Sometimes when in game like "CSGO", while playing an intense match, my gpu will froze ( LIKE COMPLETELY FROZE ).I would still hear in game voices like radio, ambient etc. I have to press the windows key and open it up back again which takes upto 8 to 15 seconds and by the time im back in the game... im dead :'//.

but recently nowadays what im having is a new issue too. Sometimes while just watching youtube videos my computer screen would go black for a split second and the youtube video im currently watching would turn green or completely black just for a split second and would come back up. I dont know what the issue is but its annoying me since i really worked hard for this decent rig. Please help me, i've looked upto solutions and there isnt one solution suitable for my problem so im hoping this site would help me.

Please if u can help then help me im having trouble playing games. Its a new pc and im getting really upset and worried about it. Again in simpler words, my problem is, my games would freeze mid-game and i have to press windows key to switch to desktop and open the game again. While using the PC for browsing and youtube it would suddenly froze and would stutter to a green or black screen and would come back online. Right now i Have games like CSGO, GTA V, Black Ops 2, Batman Arkham City. Currently this had happened with CSGO and GTA V.

Things I have tried but failed
-Changing nvidia 3d settings to maximum performance.
-enabling "preferred maximum performance" in the Nvidia control panel.
-Changing battery options to High performance.
-running the games on high priority.
-reinstalling the drivers and uninstalling the previous ones. even using display driver uninstaller and freshly reinstalling the drivers with "perform a clean Installation" check.

My pc Specs w/ details are :-
-Cpu : i5 2400 3.10 GHz
-Gpu : Geforce Gt 730 DDR3 2 GB DX12 supported.
-Ram : 8 gb DDR3. (2 sticks of 4 gb)
-Psu : 330 watts
-OS : Windows 10 64 bit (10240)
-Temps :
(When in games like CSGO)
Cpu - from 45 to 57 maximum
Gpu - from 39 to 46 or 48-ish (cpu stays cool).
Mainboard - 35 to 57 maximum.

(When in games like GTA V)
Cpu - from 55 to 73
Gpu - from 50 to 61
Mainboard - from 35 to 50.

Ram consumption-
In CSGO - 2.79 GB to 3.58 GB maximum.
In GTA V - 3.38 GB to 5.53 GB maximum.

since its a budget pc i really have to go with everything Cheap. If the solutions would be to buy new things then its a bummer cuz i cant really buy anything atm. If u still need details even further, then im ready to give you whatever you need.
Thanks if u take the time reading this long paragraph. I really need help and toms hardware is my only option left for experts to look at my problems.


Mind being specific with your specs? List them like so:

If the issue crops up only and only when you tax the system with a game then the issue is either due to your PSU being faulty or is failing and/or there is a thermal issue whereby the GPU's overheating.
Jul 18, 2018
OK. Here goes

CPU: Intel core i5 2400, 3.10 ghz, with 4 cores.
Motherboard: Dont know. I think its a normal intel motherboard.
Ram: 8 GB
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2gb DDR3, with Direct X 12.
SSD: nope, dont have one.
HDD: 250 GB
PSU:330 watts
Chassis: Dell Optiplex 790.
OS: Windows 10 pro x64 bit, build version 10240.

I dont think there is a thermal issue with a gpu since my pc is like really brand new. Everything is in its fresh place, even thermal paste.
Using msi after burner, i checked my temps of my both gpu and cpu, and they gave temps kinda normal.
Cpu : 45 to 70
Gpu: 39 to 61
So i dont think there is an overheating problem. But i will look up for PSU.
can u mind telling me how do i determine if my PSU is faulty or not.

-Thank u so much for answering back.