Question My gpu is only using 36-40% on minecraft how do I make it use more?

May 11, 2019
Its an rtx 2060, I use it for BFV and OW and it uses 100% but on mc it uses 36-40% how do I get it to use more so I can get more frames.
Ryzen 5 2600x
RTX 2060
16GB ddr4 3000mhz(possibly throttles to 27somthing)
Asus prime x470 Pro
EVGA psu
On what screen RESOLUTION are you playing games, including MInecraft ?? Some games are more graphic demanding, whereas others are not.

Minecraft is CPU bound. It has a lot of simulation to do in a generally less-than-optimized codebase, and the graphics are simple enough that they don’t cause too much load on a modern graphics card. You do need some graphics horsepower for Minecraft, but not nearly as much as you do for other games.
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Jan 13, 2014
Minecraft is Java-based.
" There is a JIT (Just In Time) compiler within the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM. The JIT compiler translates the Java bytecode into native processor instructions at run-time and caches the native code in memory during execution.
The use of bytecode as an intermediate language permits Java programs to run on any platform that has a virtual machine available. The use of a JIT compiler means that Java applications, after a short delay during loading and once they have "warmed up" by being all or mostly JIT-compiled, tend to run about as fast as native programs.[21][22][23] Since JRE version 1.2, Sun's JVM implementation has included a just-in-time compiler instead of an interpreter."

Source: Wikipedia.

This means Java compiles the code at runtime. So CPU dependant.
Yup. Minecraft is coded in JAVA.

The original (or Java Edition) version of Minecraft was written using the Java programming language and the Lightweight Java Gaming Library (LWJGL). Minecraft was originally written in Java, but it is now a dual Java/C++ project because of better performance, IMO.

Though, I think Minecraft's pocket Edition was written using the C++ programming language since Java was not supported by iOS (the operating system developed by Apple for the iPhone and iPad).

Java had some problem, as it was difficult to do certain kinds of optimizations, which meant that the game always had difficulty running well on older machines. When the “Pocket Edition” of Minecraft was written, they actually started over and rewrote the whole game in C++. This edition was much more efficient, and stresses the hardware less, which makes it possible for it to run on low-powered devices. Unfortunately, because they had to redo everything from scratch, it was usually behind the regular edition on features.

The “Windows Edition” of Minecraft was a concerted effort to catch the C++ version up to the Java version, which has now generally succeeded. It’s still a separate codebase, though, and they aren’t entirely compatible with each other (this is reflected by the multiplayer situation—the Java and the C++ editions both support multiplayer, but only with players using the same edition.

There was one major downside to the C++ Minecraft: because C++ is a fully compiled language, it was more difficult to make mods for it. Java programs are relatively easy to reverse engineer, so the mods can be very sophisticated, but practically speaking, C++ is only moddable in the areas where the programmers designed it to be moddable.


Apr 30, 2019
With shaders, it is most definitely demanding. My 1080 gets under 60 fps in 1440p with ultra shaders.
Okay. I didn't know there are ultra shaders as well. But still, this is a pretty old game, so it can't be that demanding as other AAA games imo.