Question My GPU usage drops to 0%

Apr 28, 2019
I have just upgraded my CPU, RAM, and motherboard. Ever since then my games have been crashing and freezing consistently. I noticed my usage would drop to 0 when this happened and have tried alot of things to fix this.
Current rig
CPU: i7 9700k
GPU 1080ti FTW 3 EVGA
RAM Trident 16gb 3000mhz
Samsung evo 970, 860, and 840 + 2tb HDD
ASUS strix z390-F
corsair 850w

CPU i7 4770k
Corsair 16gb ram

-I have tried clean install of windows
-checked temperatures on CPU and GPU
-clean install of drivers
-updated BIOS
-repair games
-had a new motherboard and swapped it out
-underclocking cpu and gpu

my gpu usage will spike to 0%, freeze my game and will come back 10 sec later and after a few times it will completely freeze it and i will need to reboot the game. any ideas?


Aug 12, 2007
Hello Cheesypasta!

Considering your detailed description and the fact that you already tried the usual maneuvers and then some, I'll assume you would have fixed it by now if it was a simpler issue. So I would try what I describe below, but it really boils down to reducing the amount of components to the bare minimum and testing one thing at a time.

1. Remove all peripherals other than your keyboard an mouse, leave one memory stick and one boot disk. Since your motherboard doesn't have an onboard VGA, leave the graphics card. It would be preferable to boot from removable media, but you this limits the tests a bit so you could leave one of your disks.

2. Start or install the OS.

3. Stress test one thing at a time (CPU, RAM, GPU, disk).

If this all works, try running a load that would cause a crash, but keep a perfmon opened and check for unusual things such as a high disk queue length, high CPU context switching or unusual C-states. Also keep an eye at temps

Another thing you can do is check the SMART stats for your disks.

Lastly, check event viewer for clues as to what is failing just before the crash.
Apr 28, 2019
I did the smart test before and it was all good. I ripped out my wife’s psu from her computer 750w and I was stable gaming for an hour and a half with mine I could barely play 10 min before crashing. I swapped out the slots of the 12v rail and I’m getting stable games for now. Don’t know if my psu is failing or I need more I figured 850 is more than enough. I have 8 fans an AIO cooler and led strips plus the specs up top. When I ripped out the psu some of my fans were flickering btw