Question My GPUs fan is malfunctioning but idk how to fix it

Feb 10, 2021
my GPU is AMD Radeon HD 5450 and it has a little fan on it and during my usual cleaning i have dropped it by accident and now every time I start my pc it spins for a while stops and i have to push it myself to make it spin then but i cant figure out why it wont start normally by itself any ideas?
Hi Mr.AntiSocial.

This is an old card. Dropping it damaged something. I had a few fan that I had to actually turn manually until it starts and one of them was the CPU fan on an old system.

The fan motor didn't have enough force to start by itself but could keep the momentum after a push.

You can replace that fan if you want. It's 4 screws and a small cable. Easy to replace with a new fan. If the fan is what is damaged here and not the fan controller on the GPU. Probably the fan.
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