My GTX970 shuts down after 20-30 seconds


Sep 18, 2017
So let me explain what happened.
i assembled the pc myself 2 years ago and it worked fine.
but a few days ago i came home after a week, started playing games for about 3-5 hours.
wanted to play rocketleague, opened it and my screen went black, and my second screen connected to the motherboard showed and error "your gpu driver has crashed you need to restart" or something like that.
i could not click on anything so i pressed ctrl-alt-delete and there i could click restart.
only to never see my screen light up again.

i tried to boot my pc for maybe 30 minutes.
unplugged everything but my screen, nothing.
tried an ancient nvidia card, nothing. (dont know it this card is supposed to work or not)
tried an ancient amd card, boots normally.

so i searched online and found that i could pop it into the oven.
so i used 200c for 12 mins, i got a bios screen but after that it went black.
212c for 15 mins, i got a bios screen and 20 secs windows booting or my bios settings.
after this i asked my friend to try it in his pc wich had 2-sli gtx 970s andi got the same results.

back into the oven at 225c for 15 mins, no change since last bake.

but i expected that if the gpu was broken that i would have had corrupted graphics but i didnt see a single artifact not even when it goes black.

is my gpu fixable and what might cause my problem?

i dont have a replacement and it might take 2 months for me to get my salary so im open to any suggestion to fix it.


Dec 17, 2016
I'd have suggested reinstalling drivers and using another pcie slot but if it's not working on your friend's computer either, then likely that won't work. If you can't rma, you can ask nvidia if there's anything they can do (a firmware bios flash for your card perhaps) but I don't know if that'll make any difference on a card that flops completely like this.