Question My laptop shuts down while gaming.

May 19, 2022
My laptop shuts down during gaming. I have an i7-8650U paired with an AMD Radeon RX540 Mobile graphics alongside with 16GB of DDR4 Memory. The temperatures seemed to be running quite decent at 70 Degrees Celsius for the GPU and around 67-69 Degrees Celsius for the CPU. So I don't think it has to really do with overheating. I did a a Hardware test, CPU stress test, tested my memory and my other components it did not seem to crash. When I did a UNIGINE benchmark it never shutdown the laptop, then I did a Furmark test on it and it was pretty fine. So I started to suspect the AMD adrenaline software, I completely erased it using DDU uninstaller. I reinstalled the drivers but this time I only set it to install "drivers only" without the extra features. I tried running my games and it still shut down. I don't what the problem is. Also the laptop was plugged in on the charger for the perfomance