Question My Laptop Shuts Itself Down After Trying Ubuntu Installation

May 26, 2020
Hey there, hope you are all well during those times.

Few hours ago I tried to install Ubuntu as a second OS (I am using Windows 10) to my laptop. Towards the ending of the installation I received an error saying "grub-install /dev/sdb" commands failed. So I believe the installation was failed. However, I was on Ubuntu interface and could surf the net and etc.

Then I turned it off and restarted, I could not see a OS selection screen, it was just directing me to Ubuntu. I looked for some solutions and tried some of them. (I installed Ubuntu from USB). When i disconnected USB and turned my computer on again, I received PXE-61 Media Failure.

I looked for that error on internet and changed some boot options from the menu. However, after doing that, my computer restarted and after few seconds it just turns itself off and then turns itself on again. I cannot enter boot menu (I could do that few minutes before that). Can you help me with that?



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