Question My MOBO requires manual reset just to boot, what do I do?

Apr 16, 2019
I bought an i7-3770 and had to update my BIOS for it to work. I downloaded the update and applied it through the instant flash option, it seemed to work until it rebooted. It wouldn't even show a display, nor did the mouse or keyboard light up. The motherboard was definitely receiving power though. I managed to reinstall the BIOS after resetting the MOBO, then I ended up having to reinstall windows as for some reason it simply would not boot into Windows in my existing install. That worked and everything was dandy, so I went to bed. I tried turning my PC on this morning and still I have to reset my motherboard just to use the PC. Can anyone help me?

Motherboard is an ASRock H61M-S.


by "reset the motherboard just to use the PC" you mean the entering the BIOS settings because they cleared themselves? clearing the BIOS enables the board to boot? something else?

when was the last time the battery on the motherboard was changed.
CR2032 button cell, looks like a nickel