Question My monitor turns off when playing games

Nov 9, 2022
My monitor turns off after I start a game or the game can run for couple of minutes than turns off and says "Entering power saving mode" (I have a LG 22MK400H monitor). The problem only occurs when playing games, I can easily watch youtube for hours everything works. I checked the temps with the msi afterburner but on my gpu and cpu and they don't go over 60 C even if my gpu is oc with 145mhz core clock in addition to the manufacturer oc and 950mhz on memory clock (my pc specs are i5 9400f msi gtx 1650 GDDR5 OC version, msi b360 a pro, corsair vs series 550w (not sure the exact model but it's from corsair) 16gb ram 2400mhz from corsair, ssd adata m.2 silver 512gb. I used 2 different HDMI cables and same results so it's not the cable. I can still hear my friends on discord when the monitor goes black so that's a sign that windows is still working (if I had a gpu problem it would have crashed my pc since i don't have integrated gpu from the cpu). The monitor could be the problem but as I said it works fine as much as I don't play video games. Recently I resseted my bios by removing the cmos battery from my motherboard idk what other things that might do. Please help I really have no idea what to do since all fixes from google reddit and youtube don't work.