My music won't play.

May 15, 2018
I recently bought a w7 pc from a guy. I told him I wanted to transfer my music from my old w xp tower to the new w7 tower. He said ok. When he brought the towers back, most of my music wouldn't play. I no longer have the original cd's, due to movers losing them. He said the upgrade to w7 wiped them out. I was told I could go to Microsoft, and they would "walk me through it" to regain authorization for my music.This is the message I get when my songs won't play.

The license cannot be downloaded because your Web browser is not supported.
To download a license, you must install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later.
To install the latest version of Internet Explorer, see the Windows Update page.

How can I get licenses to play the songs I bought. This is a lot of music to lose.Is there anything I can do?

Thank you, Emerald


Since you do not have the cd's anymore then you no longer have entitlement to listen to them either, so the question is moot.

In your case, I would try upgrading IE via the Windows update page as suggested. Maybe you will get lucky
Ie is up to version 11 on Win7 if that helps.

Since Windows Update only checks once per day you have to keep manually running windows update and clicking 'Check for Updates' even if it tells you that you are up to date when Windows Update opens. Once it (Check for Updates) comes back with no updates then you really are up to date. Be sure to reboot after any update that tells you to, then check for more updates
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